Mark Roberts

Weekdays 10am-2pm

It all started out making “mix tapes” for kids in my hometown of Freeburg. I was the guy who mastered the art of smooth transitions between songs on those blank cassette tapes and business was good! I eventually grew into the friend who would carry the giant stereo system, CD’s, tapes and records into the party, just so we had tunes. I’m a chicken wings and a cold beer kind of guy. Pittsburgh Steelers football isn’t just a sport to me, its like an obsession and I love music.  AC/DC, Tom Petty, Prince, Motley Crue, GnR, Breaking Benjamin to STP.
When I got a few hours of downtime, you’ll find me with my family, my wife Melissa, my little girl Alyson and of course our crazy dog Mazie or coaching Softball and Basketball.
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